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The Camel Zippos
Over the years many zippo lighters bearing the camel cigarette logo have been produced not only domestically here in the U.S. but also overseas. They have appeared in the Camel Cash Catalogues; they have been in conjunction with events such as the Camel Trophy Competition and the Camel Pool League; they have been sold in Shops around the world, notably many were offered through the RJR employee factory store.
In the late 1990's an attempt was made to catalogue them. The Brian Sipes Camel Guides appeared in which the zippos were not listed chronologically but numbered in the order of their discovery. The guides were subsequently taken up by Len Shorter who creates new issues of the guide as occassion warrants.
The purpose of this site is not to supplant the guides or be exhaustive in any way, but to show some of the wide range of zippos produced over the years by RJR to help advertise their cigarettes; it is designed to help the new collector to get a broad idea of the colorful world that he or she is getting into.

Zippo Sale
All of the Zippos on this site are from a collection, and are currently for sale.
Almost all of them are in mint condition and many were purchased direct from the RJR company store in Winston-Salem. Many of the lighters have been sold (marked "sold") - the ones with prices underneath are still for sale.
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